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Spam Example: Phishing – Internal Revenue Service

Here is a good example of phishing with a nasty little piece of email I received today. These people are pretending to be the government. When you read their site link, you’ll notice the domain isn’t from the IRS. (The actual site is When you click on the URL, they have copied the real…

What the heck is Twitter?

What the heck is Twitter?

So many people are all a-twitter about Twitter. If you haven’t been sucked into it, you are probably wondering what it is and why you should care.

Facing pages in Acrobat?

How can I view and save a document with facing pages in Acrobat? To view facing pages in Acrobat: Go to View Go to Page Display Select “Two Up”

Spam Example: Spoof – Network Solutions

E-mail spoofing is a term used to describe fraudulent e-mail activity in which the sender address and other parts of the e-mail header are altered to appear as though the e-mail originated from a different source. I am always fascinated by how tricky spammers/hackers/phishers are. They are constantly working out new ways to get your…

Gravatars: Customize Your On-line Presence.

Gravatars: Customize Your On-line Presence.

Have you ever been reading comments on a blog, and notice that some people have little pictures next to their name and their comments? Ever wondered what those pictures are, how they got there, and how you can get one that you chose?

RSS Feed: What are they and how to use them?

RSS Feed: What are they and how to use them?

Need a lesson on RSS Feeds? What they are why to use them and how? Look no further.

Webmail: How to get it

If you are traveling or away from your desk, you can access your email account from any computer with an internet connection using webmail. Find out how!

Email: Setting up Outlook Express

Email: Setting up Outlook Express

How to set up a new mail account in Outlook Express.

Pantone Color Chart

Need to explain to your designer exactly WHICH color you are trying to describe. Use this color chart to get your point across.

The Link Title Tag: What is it, and why should I care?

Title tags: What they are and why you should use them.

What is my SMTP?

What is an SMTP? Your SMTP controls your outgoing mail. Your POP controls your incoming mail. What is my SMTP? Usually your SMTP contains your domain name and is formatted like this: (i.e. or this (i.e. Sometimes your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will want you to use their smtp instead of…

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Lena has always made time to take care of any size job needed in a very timely matter.

Troy Demel

Signs Above the Rest, Inc.

Troy  Demel

Lena has a rare combination of reliable work habits and creative talent. With designers, you usually have to trade one for the other, but Lena allows me to please my clients with great work,  delivered on time. She has been an essential part of my own business success.

Patricia Ponder

Got Lucky Communications

Patricia Ponder

Working with Lena has revolutionized how I feel about computers and the internet as a whole. Not only did she update me on current technology, but she did it with professionalism, style, grace, and charm. The website she built for me is amazing and working with her was even more amazing. When I was confused and frustrated with “computer stuff” she guided me through my confusion with patience, professionalism, sympathy and a good laugh.

Natalie Boren


Natalie Boren