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Lena’s Favorite Password Management Software: 1Password


I use a LOT of passwords. I have my passwords, my husband’s passwords, my client’s passwords — and probably passwords for my dog somewhere too. As of this writing, I have over 3200 passwords. And while I like to think I’m smart enough to remember them all, let’s get real. I’m not that brainy. But…

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How to Stop Spam Commenting on Your WordPress Site

Comment Spam

Question Is there a way to block or stop the comment attack happening on my Wodrpress website? I’ve received 5 fake comments so far.  Betsy, Mildred, Flora, Marilee, and now Ice have all left fake comments on my site as of this morning … starting at 7:19 this morning.  I went in and marked the…

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13 Web Design Trends for 2017

Web Trends

There is a constant list of web trends. Some are logic-based, while others are less so, and will become dated quickly. Below, are a collection of some trends that I think are good ones to watch for the upcoming year and consider for your website. Responsive Design: This means designing your site so that it…

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5 Reasons Not to Upload Videos on Your Web Site

Videos have become really popular on websites. Just take a quick look at Facebook or some of the websites you frequent and you’ll notice them. Videos are a great way to engage your audience. But, there are a five things you should know before you upload them to your website. Video Challenges 1. You will…

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How to Turn Off Adobe Typekit

I use Adobe’s Creative Cloud and I also use font management software. I don’t use TypeKit and was growing tired of having Adobe’s Typekit popping up every time I needed a font. I finally spend some time finding out where to turn it off. It’s not hard to do. Just not intuitive. Look at the menu…

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Domain Name Gmail Tips

Here are some answers to common questions about your domain name gmail account: Where do I log in? Go to: or Help! I lost my password. Go to: or Click the “Need help?” icon. It will guide you to recover your password using your back up email address Why do I…

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My Scanner Driver Won’t Work

Question: I’m trying to see if I can find a driver for my ancient flatbed scanner. Is there a site you use to look for stuff like this that isn’t spammy or virusey? Answer: I had the same exact problem. My old Canon flatbed scanner needed an updated driver, and Canon’s answer seems to be,…

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Industry Interview: Chrystal Boulanger

One of the things I like to do to is to learn from my fellow designers. This post features my fellow friend and designer Chrystal Boulanger, the professional dynamo from Chrystal Faith Design…for Moxie Businesses. Read along as I pick her brain to see how she handles the life of a designer. How do you…

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A quick and simple image placeholder service

Web Developers Rejoice! My friend and fellow designer Chrystal found this great share! It’s a way for web developers to easily create placeholder images in our work. Just put your image size after their URL and you’ll get a placeholder. Like this: <img src=”×150″> Brilliant! Go to their site!

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How Can I Get A Better Email Open Rate on My Eblasts

If you are having issues with your e-blasts landing in spam filters, keep reading. Learn how to get a better open rate on your eblasts. What the spam filter does First you need to understand what throws an emails into a spam filter. Whenever an email is received by a server it scans it. It…

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