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Spam and Hackers

Why didn’t I get my email from my website?

Question I had someone fill out the form on my website, but I didn’t receive it. Later I tested the form myself and it went through to me. Why could this be happening? Answer Spam Filter It could be your spam filter. Spam filters have a scoring system. When you (or your provider) set up…

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Why you don’t want a canned theme for your website

I almost didn’t write this article. I didn’t want to introduce the idea of canned template themes. The last thing I want to do is advertise them to people and potential clients who didn’t know they exist — and it sounds self serving for me to tell you NOT to use them. But, it dawned on me…

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How Can I Get A Better Email Open Rate on My Eblasts

If you are having issues with your e-blasts landing in spam filters, keep reading. Learn how to get a better open rate on your eblasts. What the spam filter does First you need to understand what throws an emails into a spam filter. Whenever an email is received by a server it scans it. It…

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Protect your WordPress Site from Getting Hacked

It happens all the time. Websites get hacked. Especially websites that use common software packages. Hackers want the most bang for their buck, and under-maintenanced WordPress sites are a great target because so many people utilize them. How Hackers Do it Most hackers use a script that crawls your server looking for “holes” they can…

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