My name is Lena Shore...


I am a freelancer. I specialize in web development, graphic design, illustration, and having LOTS of opinions about how to make your project better.

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Of course, you probably figured that out already if you’ve found my website. Perhaps you are looking for something a bit more personal, so let’s get more personal…

I LOVE to help people — so much so that I give a lot of free advice. “You know what you oughta do…” is one of my favorite, and most enthusiastic, phrases. I am constantly trying to think of how things will work better, run smoother, and be more effective. The inside of my head often feels like it is full of bees all happily colliding into new combinations and ideas. (I hear that therapy might help this.) And despite what he might have told you, my bee-head isn’t always appreciated by my better half.

I grew up as an only child and Navy brat, and entertained myself by playing with bugs and catching lizards. We moved a lot. I read a lot. I drew a lot. I made little clay sculptures. I said I wanted to grow up and do something as an artist. My mother taught me how to type, paint, crochet, cook, and sew my own Barbie clothes. My dad let me help him with projects in the garage. I love tools. I have a basement full of them that I feel guilty for not using more often.

I know that Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings.

I went to college and majored in Illustration and Graphic Design. I took a minor in Fashion Merchandising to get out of reduce my art history requirements. The entire fashion department smelled like cosmetics. Ever the square peg, I wore cut-offs and smelled like art supplies.

After graduation, I put on pants, and worked a variety of jobs before I was the Art Director at a Big Corporation. I learned a lot from cube world, but eventually moved on to become freelancer. Now I wear cut-offs and smell like art supplies.

Along the way I declared I was through dating, Fate threw her head back and laughed a mischievous laugh. A week later I met my future-husband, Kevin at the airport. We spent a few days being brutally honest about ourselves. When the dust settled we both said “I can live with that” and 10 days later we made the decision to get married. I’d say at least 90% of our friends thought we were complete idiots. But the joke’s on them — our marriage is old enough to get married and we even still like each other.

My hobbies include creating personal art, playing video games, reading, watching movies I can hit pause in the middle of, spending too much time online, and dreaming of the day I will wake up and say “Boy, I can’t wait to go work out!”.

I share my 100-year-old historic home in Florida with my lovely husband Kevin, two dogs, three large freshwater aquariums, and my trusty iMac.


What people are saying...

Interested in working with Lena? Check out some of her client testimonials below!

The great thing for me about working with Lena, is that I can move fast, barely explain what I need and at the same time know in my heart that she will make it all okay. Over and over again she has created press-ready files that have turned into beautiful products that my clients rave about. Lena helps in keeping me somewhat sane in the crazy world of printing.

Christy King

Print Broker

Christy King

Our organization has been so happy with Lena work.  Lena’s designs are very creative and  original.  Unlike many other designers, Lena’s don’t look like clip art! I like that we can verbally explain  what we want and she seems to create the visual interpretation perfectly! We look forward to working with  her for years to come.

Jeri Millard

Owner, In the Pink

Jeri Millard

Lena is a highly-talented graphic designer and artist. The work she has done for me has been very creative  and yet professional. She understands my likes and dislikes when she designs marketing materials for me and  her understanding of technical issues, software programs, and cross-platform of operating systems is a real asset.  She’s also fun to work with, you can’t beat that combination!

Kim McDougal


Kim McDougal