Web Development

Web Development

Maybe you don’t need a full web design. Maybe you just need a little assist on an existing site. I would be happy to help.

Prices start as low as $35.

If you do need a big, beautiful, shiny, new web site—keep scrolling!

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Logo Design: Starts at $600 for 3 concepts

Business Cards: Start at $75

Print Advertisements: Start at $75

Brochures: Start at $600

Flyers: Start at $100

Infographics: Start at $100



Custom illustration work can mean a book cover, drawing, painting, and much more. There are many styles of artwork ranging from simple to complex. I encourage you to review my illustration portfolio and then contact me to discuss your project.

The average illustration job starts at $200

Hop on over to one of my portfolios to see work samples: Web Design Logo Design Graphic Design Illustration Infographics

Ready to get started? Have more questions? Call me at 904.389.9031 or shoot me an email!

For those who want all the web design details…

  • WordPress Build: WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. 99% of my customers prefer this platform.
  • HTML Build: This is a website built with straight code. But, besides using HTML, I would also rely on other programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. To make future changes you would need to know how to read code.
  • Page Styles: When we work together to develop your website, I will be making a page style. The arrangement of items you want on a web page constitute a style or template. This is the look of your website and usually consists of the header, footer, and navigation. A page style might also include a calendar or slideshow.
  • Forms: This is an online form where a visitor can send you information. An example of this would be a contact form.
  • News/Blog: This is a special type of section that displays entries in a chronological order on a single page. You can use this for blogging or stories about what is happening with your business. A section that works this way may be  called many things (news, blog, happenings, events, etc) but they all work the same way.
  • SEO Ready: SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. A website that has “good SEO” will rank higher in the search engines than a site that has “poor SEO.” All sites are easy to adjust your SEO if you want to go that extra mile.
  • SEO Friendly: A website that is built so that the search engines can rank it easily.


  • Upgrade notification: Your software installation and set up will send you notifications when your website has updates or upgrades that need to be done. If you utilize my hosting services, these upgrades will be performed for you.
  • Style Guide: A private style guide page for styling hints will be created just for you, in case you want to make changes your site.
  • Clean Setup: The default WordPress set up puts in a lot of extra items like plug-ins and themes you don’t need. They take up server space and more importantly, unused items invite hackers. These extraneous items are all removed to ensure your site isn’t bloated and vulnerable.
  • Install Modification: Your installation of WordPress will be adjusted to make it more secure. If the bad guys can’t find your login, they won’t waste time trying. This keeps your website running at optimum speed.
  • WordPress Training: Access to training videos for you and your team so you can get up and running using your new site.


  • Scanning: Special code is added to disable execution of scripts in vulnerable directories. This prevents hackers being able to hide active malware deep into your website where it can do harm.
  • Robots: Websites are constantly being scanned by online “robots.” Some robots are good (like Google). Other’s are not. Specific code will be added to prevent robots from scanning folders they don’t need to be in. This helps keep your site running smoothly.
  • WordPress Security: Security software will be installed and set up that will help prevent hackers from getting into your site by blocking them from the server if malicious activity is detected. Daily scans of your website files are also done to ensure they are clean from malware.


  • Responsive/mobile friendly: All websites are built to look good on computers as well as mobile devices.
  • Maintain Rankings: If your old site has been up for a while, you have built up some ranking you don’t want to lose. 301 redirects can be created for those older pages. This is like a forwarding address so that Google and customers don’t get lost going to a page that doesn’t exist any more.
  • Organic metatags: Metatags are items search engines use to rank your site. Programming is done so that your title and description tags are done automatically.
  • Sitemap: Your site will have a sitemap that lists links to all of your pages. This is great for Google and also helps visitors.
  • Code validation: Tests are repeatedly run to make sure the website doesn’t have any code problems before you go live.
  • Google Analytics: If you have or obtain a gmail account, I will happily install Google Analytics on your website.
  • Print style: This is a simplified version of your website in case you or someone else wants to print it out.


  • Graphics: Best practices are used to optimize your graphics, cache, and build to load as quickly as possible for your viewers.
  • Favicon: This is that tiny image that shows up next to your URL in a browser. It’s just another way to customize and brand your website.
  • Custom Error Page: A customized 404 Error Page is created for your site, in case someone gets lost and needs to get back on track.
  • Multiple Domains: Did you know if you have more than one domain name pointing to the same website Google will rank them separately? This dilutes your “Google Juice.” All of your domains will be set to resolve to a single place, eliminating the problem.
  • Email Encoding: If your email is visible on your website it will be collected by spammers. Spammers will use your email to send you spam or to create fake emails that look like they are sent by you. This can affect your business by generating spam complaints directed at your company. Email addresses will be hidden or encoded them to prevent harvesting by spammers, while still being useful to visitors.


  • Calendar: Upcoming events that can be listed or displayed in a traditional calendar view by month. It can have events by categories, repeating events, booking and more. Calendars can be programmed to display upcoming events automatically.
  • Slideshow: A slideshow is a series of animated or rotating image or slides with information.
  • Client Testimonials: A piece of software that displays one or more client testimonials on your website. When using wordpress, it is easy to add more testimonials to your site yourself.
  • Photo Gallery: Taking a group of photos and displaying them in an organized and pleasing manner. Smaller versions of the images are often used that can be clicked on to enlarge the image.

What people are saying...

Interested in working with Lena? Check out some of her client testimonials below!

Lena is a highly-talented graphic designer and artist. The work she has done for me has been very creative  and yet professional. She understands my likes and dislikes when she designs marketing materials for me and  her understanding of technical issues, software programs, and cross-platform of operating systems is a real asset.  She’s also fun to work with, you can’t beat that combination!

Kim McDougal


Kim McDougal

Our organization has been so happy with Lena work.  Lena’s designs are very creative and  original.  Unlike many other designers, Lena’s don’t look like clip art! I like that we can verbally explain  what we want and she seems to create the visual interpretation perfectly! We look forward to working with  her for years to come.

Jeri Millard

Owner, In the Pink

Jeri Millard

Working with Lena has revolutionized how I feel about computers and the internet as a whole. Not only did she update me on current technology, but she did it with professionalism, style, grace, and charm. The website she built for me is amazing and working with her was even more amazing. When I was confused and frustrated with “computer stuff” she guided me through my confusion with patience, professionalism, sympathy and a good laugh.

Natalie Boren


Natalie Boren