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Lena Shore is one our favorite resource professionals because she has such breadth and depth of talent — both design-wise and in technical skills. And she always approaches her work with a positive attitude.

Agency a la Carte

Mary B. Harvey

Great web hosting. Good technical support. 24/7 almost.

Village Card Club

Richard Robertson

Prompt, Professional, Perfectionist… a pleasure to work with!

Abba Printing Co., Inc.

Sharon Woods

Dear Lena,

I hope you are doing great.

I wanted to send you an unsolicited testimonial letter, but I am afraid this letter won’t be very helpful for you.

That’s because I always tell my clients that their reviews and testimonials shouldn’t be so gushy and overblown with high praise and hyperbole. You see those all the time: “We had an amazing experience with ____” or “What exceptional service we got from ___” or “It was so awesome working with ____!”

No one believes any of that. It sounds like a friend or family member trying to do a favor.

The problem is, I can’t honestly think of anything bad to say about you to make this testimonial more believable.

I thought about saying, “Every time I wrote an email to Lena at 2 a.m., I have to wait 6 hours for her to write me back.” It’s true, but anyone who doesn’t know me wouldn’t get it.

The truth is, I am more than thrilled with the website you designed for me. And I am enthralled by the covers you’ve
designed for my books and booklets. I couldn’t be happier.

Your expertise in what you do de evidenced by the fact that your work is – yes – “amazing,” “exceptional,” and “awesome.”

And that’s that.

Good luck using that as a testimonial. It will roll off most people’s back and never land. I wouldn’t believe it either if I wasn’t experiencing it all the time myself.

But I do want to say THANK YOU for everything you have done for me so far. And I’m truly looking forward to a lot more down the road.

I’m glad I found you.

Jay Huling

The Consulting Copywriter

Jay Huling

Lena Shore has done a wonderful job for us – from brochures to business cards to the development of logos. She is prompt and professional and has a beautiful eye for art and the needs of the individual client.

Sarah Skinner, DVM

Mobile Veterinarian

Lena is definitely our go-to girl when it comes to web consulting (and any of that “computer-nerd” stuff). I like to think of her as SuperLena!

Carolyn Bell Audije


Lena has a rare combination of reliable work habits and creative talent. With designers, you usually have to trade one for the other but Lena allows me to please my clients with great work, delivered on time. She has been an essential part of my own business success.

Got Lucky Communications

Patricia Ponder

Lena Shore is one of the most creative graphic artists I know… and having been in the printing industry for 45 years, I know a LOT of them. When I shifted into the real estate business, I had Lena design my web site. She did a superb job, and she furnishes very timely updates and revisions to the site whenever requested. I highly recommend you avail yourself of her talents and services.

Jon Anderson Printing

Jon Anderson

Lena is a dream to work with. She interprets her clients’ needs and direction efficiently and turns out good, clean concepts every time.

Girl Scouts of Gateway Council

Nancy White

I contacted Lena when I was having some technical problems with a WordPress website. (She was highly recommended, and did not disappoint!) I explained my problems and what I planned to do to fix them. Lena encouraged me, saying that the course I was taking sounded good, and to continue with my research and troubleshooting. And she said she would be glad to help if I found out that I needed it. I got the problems resolved and the WordPress site is working normally again! When I have problems with a WordPress website again, I know who I will be contacting! Thank you Lena Shore — Print Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, and Illustration!

Ken Harper II

We have been business owners for 25 years. We own a pest control company in Northern New Jersey. I have worked with countless graphic designers over the past 20 years. I look for attention to detail, response time, and professionalism when I start a project with a new vendor. We contacted Lena and discussed our project with her, which was a rebrand of our company image, logo, website, and truck images. From start to finish… detail, response time, and professionalism were all met. The scope of service she provided and timeline of the project completed were all met, and then some. She is extremely easy to work with and has a great personality. We love the final outcome. Thanks Lena for the great work.

Mrs.Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions

Brian Devera, Owner

Lena has always made time to take care of any size job needed in a very timely matter.

Signs Above the Rest, Inc.

Troy Demel

Lena Shore is the best for website design, hosting, and any such problem your company needs solved. She is so knowledgeable but enjoys adding to her extensive skill set, which is probably why knows so much about her business. Beyond all that, plus her graphic and design talents, she is easy to work with, and delivers projects on time and as promised. You’ll love working with Lena.

Got Lucky Communications

Trish Ponder

Lena is so incredibly creative. I gave her what I thought was a good idea for my business logo, but then she came up with something completely original and so much more creative than I could have ever imagines! I would choose to work with Lena again and again, and so should you!

Public Relations

Tricia Rudisill Bentley

Our organization has been so happy with Lena work. Lena’s designs are very creative and original. Unlike many other designers, Lena’s don’t look like clip art! I like that we can verbally explain what we want and she seems to create the visual interpretation perfectly! We look forward to working with her for years to come.

UNF, US Event Chair

Jeri Millard

In designing a website, Lena “gets it”. I can feel confident that when I’m not able to communicate what I need with the correct  “lingo”, she can still determine what I’m trying to accomplish and will offer up suggestions on how to meet those objectives.

CK Direct

Carolyn Klucha, Owner

I used Lena in designing my company logo and she did an amazing job. She provided multiple iterations until we arrived at a product I love. I took her services into setting up a website and she did a great job getting me set up to the point I could take over, but I was most impressed with her organization and clear steps. Non-techy people will love how easy it is to understand what step she is on in the process. Her paperwork and payment procedures are quick and somehow, she makes on-boarding enjoyable.

Alyce Anderson


Lena is a highly-talented graphic designer and artist. The work she has done for me has been very creative and yet professional. She understands my likes and dislikes when she designs marketing materials for me and her understanding of technical issues, software programs, and cross-platform of operating systems is a real asset. She’s also fun to work with, you can’t beat that combination!

Kim McDougal

Designer, True Focus Group

Amazing talent and team player. Working with Lena is refreshing. When we have ideas she listens and incorporates. When we don’t know what we want, she can be trusted to come up with a concept that works well. Her pricing is fair. She is our go to designer. Highly recommend.

Hiatus Hideaway

Cynthia Godby

Working with Lena has revolutionized how I feel about computers and the internet as a whole. Not only did she update me on current technology, but she did it with professionalism, style, grace, and charm. The website she built for me is amazing and working with her was even more amazing. When I was confused and frustrated with “computer stuff” she guided me through my confusion with patience, professionalism, sympathy and a good laugh. Even though my site has been up and running for nearly 6 months, Lena is still available for adjustments and questions. She is always helpful and always fixes my problem in a timely and friendly manner. My website works wonderfully, looks great, and my business is growing like crazy.


Natalie Boren

The great thing for me about working with Lena, is that I can move fast, barely explain what I need and at the same time know in my heart that she will make it all okay. Over and over again she has created press-ready files that have turned into beautiful products that my clients rave about. Lena helps in keeping me somewhat sane in the crazy world of printing.

Christy King

Print Broker

Holding my Bloody Mary up and toasting you – here’s to a great woman that I am blessed to have in my life – cheers.

Kim Sheets

Kim Sheets