Web Site Estimates

What is involved in Custom Web Design?

If you are the kind of person who wants to know more details that go into a website design, keep reading. This is the blueprint I use for your website development project.


  • Discuss clients needs and determine course of action
  • Set up progress list for client so they can see look at up-to-date any time

Development Area

  • Set up account space on server
  • Establish domain control
  • Remove unused server files


  • Receive approved copy from client


  • Create Static Design
  • Static Design Approval


  • Install Core Files
  • Create https / Security Certificate / SSL (if Lena is hosting)
  • Create XML Sitemap
  • Install SEO management if needed
  • Harden site install and security
    • Prevent large uploads
    • Limit Post Revisions
    • Add robots.txt
    • Security Setting to htaccess
    • Block WordPress xmlrpc.php requests
  • Set Up Server and Files
  • Create Database
  • Install framework
  • Add preview of site to back end
  • Add fonts to installation via the functions
  • Set up maintenance mode
  • Delete Sample Page and Post
  • Discourage search engines from indexing this site
  • Set up permalinks
  • Add Form Software
  • Add licenses to framework and plugins. Update as needed.
  • Add google analytics
  • Add site to Google’s Web Developer Tools (If I am hosting)
  • Remove unneeded themes and extra files.

If I am hosting the site

  • Install Plugin Manager
  • Install Security Plugin
  • Hide plugin folder to prevent unauthorized access
  • Deny configuration access
  • Add additional htaccess to upload area to prevent unauthorized access
  • Add website to weekly update schedule for all plugins
  • Add website to weekly update schedule for all core file updates
  • Compress all images at the server level

Design and Development

  • Prevent Google from indexing development site
    • When site is done, allow google to index the website
  • Create custom child theme for client
  • Create child theme preview interface
  • Add content for XX pages
  • Create contact Form
    • Add Spam protection
    • Required fields
    • Confirmation
    • Notification
  • Create favicons for all devices
  • Add Styling Post and Page
  • Create custom page templates for each needed
  • Create additional templates
  • Create 404 Error Page
  • Check W3 validation
  • Create site map page if needed
  • CSS for Print

Go Live

  • Clean up unused images
  • Clean up unused code
  • Clean up  unused development items and pages
  • Clean up server
  • Optimize images
  • Remove all snapshots
  • Leverage caching
  • .htaccess - rewrite to www
  • Review original sitemap, double-check
  • Deactivate or remove extra plugins as needed.
  • Activate Security Plugin

Client Items

  • Make user(s) for client
  • Whitelist client's IP address
  • Change test email to client's email
    • Test forms
  • Send customer "exit exam"