What is the difference between Outlook and Outlook Express?

March 9, 2010 / Updated: March 9, 2010 / Lena Shore
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I’m currently using Outlook and not Outlook express.  What are the differences between the two and do you think I should switch to Outlook Express?


Outlook Express is the free version of Outlook. Outlook Express probably came on your computer. Outlook comes with Microsoft Office.

Outlook Express supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP and allows you to get your email, news, and address book.

Outlook does everything the Express version does and more. The big difference is Outlook supports integration with Microsoft Exchange Server and you have complete integration between your email, calendars, and contacts.

  • If you are an individual that needs basic email, Outlook Express is probably all you’ll need.
  • If you are running a small business and need to keep everyone in your office on the same calendar and address book, OR if you are an individual that needs to schedule your daily activities in addition to receiving email, Outlook is the better choice. Outlook also has more options when it comes to templates when sending emails.