Logo Development


Make a impression visually.

If all they know about your business is your logo, make sure it works.

Your logo is the first thing a potential client will see. It's their introduction to get to know you and your business. You want your logo to be an extension of your business so you attract the right clients.

Does your "Joe's Bats" logo attract clients looking for winged nocturnal animals when you are selling baseball sporting equipment? Will your "Fair Grounds" logo attract carnival goers or clients looking for coffee?

The right logo can ensure you attract the right client, saving everyone time and getting YOU better exposure.

Gain the benefits of being a professionally branded company, without all the painful scarring.

Logo Development Packages

Maybe your business is brand new or maybe you need a new logo. Full logo development comes with:

  • Discovery — I learn about your business, likes, dislikes, and how you want to be perceived.
  • Development — Based on the discovery phase I develop a range of logos.
  • Feedback — This is where you get to give me your opinions on what I came up with.
  • Finalization — I create different versions of your logo for various uses you may have
    • Color logo
    • Spot color logo
    • Black and white logo
    • Large and small versions
    • High quality logo for vendors, magazines, specialty products
    • Web quality logos
    • Social media icon
    • Software appropriate logos to insert into your favorite programs (or maybe you hate those programs but have to use them. I don't judge.)
  • Branding Guidelines
    • Guidelines you can pass along to vendors
    • Proper logo usage
    • Paired fonts
    • Colors (PMS, CMYK, RGB, and HEX)

And, if down the road you need a version I didn't provide or lost all your files? It is as simple as coming back to me and asking. I keep everything archived.

Logo Adjustment

There are many reasons you may not need a full logo design:

  • That guy on Fiver you paid to do your first logo never gave you files and now you can't find him
  • Your logo is so old it needs to be recreated in a digital format, because that's what all the cool kids are doing.
  • The logo was fine until you blew it up as large as a billboard.
  • Your 5-year-old niece couldn't draw as well as you'd hoped, but you like the concept.
  • You've grown to hate the color green
  • You are incorporated and need to adjust your name
  • You realized that your logo looks too similar to your competitor

When you just need some work done to your existing logo or concept, I can help with that too.

"I want to see samples of your work so I can see if you are a good fit for me."

Follow the link below to see examples of my work.

"I'm convinced you do good work. But, how much is it gonna cost?"

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