Exporting Mailing Lists to Make Mailing Labels


December 10, 2009 / Updated: December 10, 2009 / Lena Shore
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Do you know of a software patch that allows the exporting of Macintosh Address Book contacts to run mailing labels?


I can help! To learn how to export your addresses out of your Address Book app, you can read this article I wrote a while back: How to Get Your Address Book into Excel for a Mail Merge. There are some freebie scripts you can get outlined in the tutorial.

However… you can actually print mailing labels from your address book. It’s a little known feature, probably because it isn’t obvious and just a little bit hidden. Here is how you do it:

  1. Open your Address Book and make a new group of contacts for your mailing list or just Shift-Click or Command-Click to highlight the people you want to make labels for.
  2. Now, go to File –> Print.
  3. Click the down arrow to change your world of options.printing-labels-1
  4. Note the settings. If you select the “Layout” button, you can choose from a HUGE selection of standard Avery labels among other settings. Have fun printing!printing-labels-2
  5. When you are done with your settings, put the appropriate paper in your printer and hit “Print”.

Poke around a little and note that in addition to mailing labels, you can also print envelopes, lists, and a pocket address book. Happy printing! 🙂