Getting your RSS feeds OUT of and into Google Reader

April 4, 2010 / Updated: June 13, 2016 / Lena Shore
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I love RSS feeds. I have lots of them. Historically, I have used my as my RSS reader and love it.

As of late I have decided that I wanted to move them all to a mobile device. Many RSS readers have a way to import your feeds from google reader. So, what I wanted to do was to export all of my RSS feeds from into Google’s Reader. But, Mail has no export feature.

Here is how you do it (Mac OSX Leopard and up):

First, we need to export your feeds

    1. Open your terminal and enter this string of text and hit return:

IFS=$'n';for i in $(find ~/Library/Mail/RSS/ -name "Info.plist");

  1. Now enter this string of text and hit return.
    do grep "http://" $i | sed "s/.*(http[^<]*).*/1/" >> ~/Desktop/Mail Feeds.txt;done
  2. You will have a file saved to your desktop named “Mail Feeds.txt”.

Next, we need to convert your file

We need to convert your “Mail Feeds.txt” into a format called OPML. This is the format that google reader needs to import.

  1. Open your “Mail Feeds.txt” file with TextEdit (or other text editing program) and copy the contents.
  2. Go to the OPML Generator and paste your text in the box marked “OPML Generator – Input”. Click “send”. (NOTE: The OPML Generator I linked to is no longer working, but you can follow this link to find other OPML Generators.)
  3. Now, highlight the code inside the box and copy it.
  4. Paste that code into a new TextEdit file and save that file (any name you want to call it) on your desktop as a Word 2003 Format (.xml) file.

Import into Google

  1. Go to Google Reader and navigate to the “Manage Subscriptions” section.
  2. Find the Import/Export tab and import your new file.

From here, you can access your RSS feeds from any browser, but more importantly (for me) is the ability to choose a RSS reader with the ability to import from my Google Reader.