What can I do with my old iPhone?

August 30, 2010 / Updated: August 30, 2010 / Lena Shore
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I just  bought a new iPhone 4. Do you have any advice on what I can do with my old 2nd generation iPhone?


You have several options available to you for that old iPhone sitting on your desk. Read on and see what is the best solution for you!

Give it away

  • You can gift your phone to someone who doesn’t have one. Maybe you have a friend who wants one but can’t afford to upgrade, or maybe one of your friends wants to be an app developer and needs something to test on. Make sure to call your provider to find out the right way to do it.
  • Give it to a charity such as http://phones4charity.org/

Keep it

Without a phone plan, you essentially have an iPod on your hands. But there are plenty of cool things you can do with it.

  • Use it as a dedicated ebook reader
  • Turn it into a touch pad for your Macintosh
  • Use it to control your PC or Macintosh remotely with a program like Touchpad Pro or Jaadu VNC.
  • Use it as a music system. Plug in some speakers or a compatible sound system and play your favorite tunes or Pandora in the living room, kitchen, or bathroom.
  • Use it as a remote for your Apple TV, iTunes, or Front Row using Apple’s free app Remote.
  • Use it for games. Load it up with your favorite games and stash it in the car for road trips or to quiet the kids in the back seat.
  • Use it as a digital photo frame for your desk. Load up all those photos, plug it in, and play them as a slideshow.
  • Jailbreak it. While I personally wouldn’t want to do this with a new phone, I’m happy to take the risk with something I’m not using otherwise. Here are some reasons you might want to jailbreak your old phone:
    • Access to apps not in the app store
    • Increased functionality such as moving files over your wireless network, backup programs, and hiding apps you don’t use.
    • Complete customization of icons as well as backgrounds.
    • Record video with audio
    • Internet Tethering
    • Use it on other carrier networks

Sell it

  • Ebay or Craigslist. The rumor is they go for good money on eBay because you don’t have to sign a 2 year contract to get it and can get service through other networks if they are unlocked. Milage may vary.
  • Find a buyback program.