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Ask Lena

How to Make a PDF of an Entire Website

One day you may need to print out an entire website, or email it someone to make notes. The old way was printing each page one by one and hoping you got all of the links. Yet, there is a better way if you use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. This won’t work with the free…

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Why didn’t I get my email from my website?

Question I had someone fill out the form on my website, but I didn’t receive it. Later I tested the form myself and it went through to me. Why could this be happening? Answer Spam Filter It could be your spam filter. Spam filters have a scoring system. When you (or your provider) set up…

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How Does Safari’s Login Feature Work?

Safari passwords

Question Can you talk a bit about Safari offering to supply a username and password? I’ve wondered about that but know nothing about how it would work. Does Safari automatically remember it? Does my iPhone know them? Answer When you log into a website, Safari will ask you if you want to save your login…

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How to Stop Spam Commenting on Your WordPress Site

Comment Spam

Question Is there a way to block or stop the comment attack happening on my Wodrpress website? I’ve received 5 fake comments so far.  Betsy, Mildred, Flora, Marilee, and now Ice have all left fake comments on my site as of this morning … starting at 7:19 this morning.  I went in and marked the…

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How to Turn Off Adobe Typekit

I use Adobe’s Creative Cloud and I also use font management software. I don’t use TypeKit and was growing tired of having Adobe’s Typekit popping up every time I needed a font. I finally spend some time finding out where to turn it off. It’s not hard to do. Just not intuitive. Look at the menu…

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My Scanner Driver Won’t Work

Question: I’m trying to see if I can find a driver for my ancient flatbed scanner. Is there a site you use to look for stuff like this that isn’t spammy or virusey? Answer: I had the same exact problem. My old Canon flatbed scanner needed an updated driver, and Canon’s answer seems to be,…

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How to make a bootable OS X El Capitan USB Drive

Question I purchased El Capitan through the app store a while back for my Macintosh and there is no disk. Now I need to reinstall the operating system. How can I do this? I would really like to have a clean install of my operating system. Answer Make your own bootable disk of El Capitan…

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How to Change the Colors of the Guides in InDesign

Question Hey Lena, Do you know how to change the colors of these red guides in InDesign? I got a document that I have to work with but the red is driving me crazy. Mine are usually light blue. Its not under the Guides and Pasteboard options in preferences. Answer The guides you are talking…

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Keep WordPress Emails from Going into Gmail Spam

Question: All of our web forms are going to spam so we have to check spam all the time. Is there a way to fix this in Word Press or a Gmail issue? We switched to Google Apps. Answer: There are a few things you can do. I suggest you do all of them. Make…

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Macintosh Window Missing Sidebar

Question I don’t know how I did it, but the sidebar window that usually appears from my finder windows is gone. How do I get it back? I can’t seem to drag it back out. Help! Answer It’s easy to accidentally lose things like this, especially when you are not used to them being optional,…

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How to move all the layers in a Flash animation at one time

Question I have a Flash animation that has a bunch of layers. I need to move a big section of all the layers. Is there a way to do this all at once? Highlighting doesn’t seem work. Am I stuck moving every layer individually? Answer The answer is “yes, can move multiple layers”. It’s not…

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