Need a flip book? Use InDesign!


April 24, 2013 / Updated: May 4, 2014 / Lena Shore
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You’ve seen digital flip books. You see them online. You can click the pages and they do this neat page curl and you can make your mouse “flip” the pages.

Traditionally (which is funny, since tradition doesn’t go back THAT far in our digital world), these created with Flash. Later we have learned to do  them with HTML 5 so we don’t have rely on flash.

But, if you need one and you are comfortable with InDesign and not with code you can rejoice. InDesign has a very easy way to do this: Export –>  Flash Player (SWF)

After you have saved your file, InDesign will have generated a Flash file and an associated HTML document. You can now place these online somewhere or integrate the pertinent HTML into a web page of your choosing. Just remember that the SWF file is relative to the HTML. You’ll need to keep it in the same directly as the HTML or change the path name in the HTML.