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Need a flip book? Use InDesign!

You’ve seen digital flip books. You see them online. You can click the pages and they do this neat page curl and you can make your mouse “flip” the pages. Traditionally (which is funny, since tradition doesn’t go back THAT far in our digital world), these created with Flash. Later we have learned to do …

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How to move all the layers in a Flash animation at one time

Question I have a Flash animation that has a bunch of layers. I need to move a big section of all the layers. Is there a way to do this all at once? Highlighting doesn’t seem work. Am I stuck moving every layer individually? Answer The answer is “yes, can move multiple layers”. It’s not…

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Ask Lena: Flash Tips

Question I have to do this Flash banner and I know next to nothing about scripting. Can you give me some tips and tell me how to create a link to a Flash banner? Answer I have been where you are. I will give you some basic instructions on creating a banner link and throw…

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