Unroll.me: Tame Your In-Box

July 4, 2013 / Updated: October 6, 2020 / Lena Shore

unroll-meI don’t remember how I found Unroll.me earlier this year, but it kicks ass. I think if you try it, you will agree.

I get a TON of email subscriptions. Some I signed up for. Some are spam. Some I don’t remember signing up for. Some are things that I want to keep getting, but most of the time don’t have time to read. All of this adds up to hundreds of extra emails in my inbox a week. It’s time consuming.

Enter Unroll.me.

Unroll.me is a free service that groups all of your subscription mail into one daily or weekly roundup. Instead of receiving multiple subscription emails throughout the day, you can receive just one. Yes, one. The Rollup is the revolutionary inbox superhero that helps you achieve a clean inbox. It combines your selected subscriptions and organizes them into one convenient daily digest email.

You also have the ability to easily pull items back out of your roll-up and unsubscribe. To date I have unsubscribed from 90 emails and converted 72 newsletters into a single email once a day.

  • Update: It’s 6/11/2015 and I’m still using Unroll.me. I have rolled up 336 emails, and unsubscribed from 358.
  • Update: It’s 1/1/2016 and I’m still using Unroll.me. I have rolled up 386 emails, and unsubscribed from 435.
  • Update: It’s 2/12/2019 and I’m still using Unroll.me. I have rolled up 717 emails, and unsubscribed from 926.
  • Update: It’s 10/6/2020 and I’m still using Unroll.me. I have rolled up 625 emails, and unsubscribed from 674.

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