What’s the Difference Between Spot and Process Printing?


November 13, 2015 / Updated: January 25, 2016 / Lena Shore
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spot-vs-processSpot Color Printing

  • The ink that goes on the press is hand-mixed or comes out of the can the color you want
  • More expensive than process printing
  • Unlimited paper choices
  • Colors are exact

Process Printing

  • The ink on a process press only uses four colors: Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Those colors are printed in screens to give the appearance of different colors when viewed far away. If you looked at the newspaper under a magnifying glass, you’d see the dot pattern.
  • Less expensive than spot
  • Unlimited paper choices
  • Colors are approximate

Digital Printing

  • Less expensive in small quantities
  • More expensive in larger quantities
  • Similar to color copies; toner based
  • Toner is flat, (not shiny) so if it lays on top of shiny paper, the ink will look flat
  • Limited paper types
  • Colors are approximate

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