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February 4, 2009 / Updated: February 4, 2009 / Lena Shore

See if any of these situations sound familiar.

  • You need to create a PDF, but don’t have the full version of Acrobat.
  • You can’t take advantage of the Macintosh’s built-in PDF maker because you are running Windows.
  • You are on a Mac and someone sends you a Microsoft Publisher file.
  • Someone sends you a file that you don’t have the program to open it.

PDF Online could be your answer. PDF Online will let you upload a document and will convert it to a PDF and email it to you for free. It will convert the following formats:

  • MS Word (DOC)
  • HTML (MHT)
  • MS Word (RTF)
  • Text (TXT)
  • MS PowerPoint (PPT)
  • JPG, PNG
  • MS PowerPoint (PPS)
  • MS Publisher (PUB)
  • MS Excel (XLS)

After a little poking around on their site, I discovered a few other things they have:

  1. A printer driver you can download to print to a PDF. It has a free trial period and only costs $14.95 for a single license. While it only works on Windows, that’s okay for Macintosh users too since they already have a PDF maker as part of the operating system.
  2. Convert a PDF to Word. (FREE)
  3. Add a button to your websites that will “Save page as PDF” for your visitors. You have to sign-up, but I think this is also a free service.
  4. A (FREE) PDF service for your iphone or other handheld device. This allows you to send an email to a specific address with attached documents. The documents are converted to PDFs and then emailed back to you. And, if you don’t have an iphone – you can still email your docs and have them sent back as PDFs. Neat!

This is a pretty nice little tip to have in your toolbox of tricks. So, if you need convert a document to a PDF, check them out:

PDF Online – FRee PDF Services

Lena Shore

Lena is a full-time freelancer and nerd that specializes in web development, graphic design, and illustration. She enjoys building things, learning new things, pursuing creative endeavors, and giving free advice.


  1. Lena on February 4, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    Good tip Kro. Thanks!

  2. Kroneg on February 4, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    Another option for printing to a PDF is CutePDF ( It will create a printer driver that will send any Windows print to a PDF file. It works well and is free.

  3. Richard Robertson on February 4, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Great tip. I am sure that I will get the opportunity to recommend this solution to clients.

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