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Software Review

Lena’s Favorite Password Management Software: 1Password


I use a LOT of passwords. I have my passwords, my husband’s passwords, my client’s passwords — and probably passwords for my dog somewhere too. As of this writing, I have over 3200 passwords. And while I like to think I’m smart enough to remember them all, let’s get real. I’m not that brainy. But…

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Free Photoshop Alternative? Yep. It's called SumoPaint.

Sometimes people need a photo editing program with the major features of Photoshop, but for a small project that doesn’t really justify the expense. You could pay someone else who already has the software and equipment, but two or more of those, and you’ve spent just as much as you would have on buying your…

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Loupe: A Color Picker for Your iPhone

Have you ever been out and about and seen a color or color combination you really loved? Did you think it would be great for your bedroom or design project? You can easily capture colors with this neat little program I happened upon today called “Loupe”. You can find it at And, bonus, it’s…

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Drop Box – Easy access to files for everyone!

I ran across DropBox a couple weeks back. My dad is using it for some of his projects and told me about it. It’s pretty cool and I bet you can find a use for it. Dropbox is software that syncs your files online and across your computers. Put your files into your Dropbox on one…

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Things: Software by Cultured Code

First, I purchased Things by Cultured Code for Macintosh with my own dollars. Second, I didn’t get paid for this review. Heck, they don’t even know I’m reviewing it. Third, I love this application so much, I must share. I think it is brilliant. I purchased Things maybe 6 months ago or so. It has become…

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Make a PDF for free! Easy!

See if any of these situations sound familiar. You need to create a PDF, but don’t have the full version of Acrobat. You can’t take advantage of the Macintosh’s built-in PDF maker because you are running Windows. You are on a Mac and someone sends you a Microsoft Publisher file. Someone sends you a file…

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