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Create a Shared Family Address Book with Contacts and iCloud

NOTE: “Apple Family Sharing” is good for sharing the in-app purchases, iTunes, iBooks, and iCloud storage. But, it doesn’t share address books well, at least not yet. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this lately. I figure Apple will solve this problem eventually by changing the way the address book works. But, for now,…

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How to Stop Spam Commenting on Your WordPress Site

Comment Spam

Question Is there a way to block or stop the comment attack happening on my Wodrpress website? I’ve received 5 fake comments so far.  Betsy, Mildred, Flora, Marilee, and now Ice have all left fake comments on my site as of this morning … starting at 7:19 this morning.  I went in and marked the…

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How Can I Get A Better Email Open Rate on My Eblasts

If you are having issues with your e-blasts landing in spam filters, keep reading. Learn how to get a better open rate on your eblasts. What the spam filter does First you need to understand what throws an emails into a spam filter. Whenever an email is received by a server it scans it. It…

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Block Facebook From Your Computer

UPDATE: It’s not just a time waster. It’s slowing you down. When I first wrote this article a couple years ago, it took 3-4 rules to block Facebook, now takes about 30. Facebook has their fingers in more pies I guess. This last time I blocked it, I noticed something interesting. My browser speed improved.…

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Create a Shared Family Address
Book with Contacts and iCloud

We are a two-person household. Each of us has iPhones, Macs, and iPads, so it makes sense that we would want to share the same Contacts/Address book. We tried having separate Contacts, but someone will update something and the other won’t have it — and it’s a hassle. So, then we tried just sharing the…

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Protect your WordPress Site from Getting Hacked

It happens all the time. Websites get hacked. Especially websites that use common software packages. Hackers want the most bang for their buck, and under-maintenanced WordPress sites are a great target because so many people utilize them. How Hackers Do it Most hackers use a script that crawls your server looking for “holes” they can…

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Keep WordPress Emails from Going into Gmail Spam

Question: All of our web forms are going to spam so we have to check spam all the time. Is there a way to fix this in Word Press or a Gmail issue? We switched to Google Apps. Answer: There are a few things you can do. I suggest you do all of them. Make…

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Macintosh Mail Custom Email Signatures

Logo email signatures without attaching or embedding! This article will explain how to make a logo signature for your Macintosh if you are using Mountain Lion (10.8) or higher. If you are using 10.7 or lower or a PC, please go to this article that explains how. Reasons to do this It looks nice to…

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iTunes 12 and Yosemite. How can I update all my apps?

I know. You thought Apple removed it. But, it was just a little hidden. The good news is we have more ways to customize our iTunes experience. The bad news is you probably pulled your hair out before googling the answer. Read below for the answer or watch the animated gif below. Connect your iPhone/iPad…

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