Share iTunes Playlists Across Local Network

July 12, 2010 / Updated: July 12, 2010 / Lena Shore


What is the quick, easy way to set up a local network to share playlists in iTunes?


Home Sharing. It’s easy to set up too! You’ll need two computers running iTunes and your iTunes login and password. Home Sharing has been around for a little while, but make sure you have the latest iTunes

  1. Launch iTunes and go to the Advance menu and “Turn On Home Sharing”.
  2. You’ll get a dialog to enter your iTunes login and password:
  3. After you enter your iTunes Account login and password, select the “Create Home Share” button. You will get a confirmation screen. Repeat this process for each computer in your network you’d like to share playlists between.
  4. When you are done, you’ll see a new selection appear under the “SHARED” item on the left side of your iTunes window. Open it and you’ll see all of the playlists from the other machine and can play the music from the other machine. Neato!

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