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Editing a Field in Excel: Mac vs Windows

Question I am working in Excel on my MacBook and editing my Christmas card list. On a PC, I could hit the F2 button to immediately be able to edit the field I was in. Is there a shortcut on a Mac for that? Answer CONTROL+U is the new F2 when you’re using Excel with a…

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Share iTunes Playlists Across Local Network

Question What is the quick, easy way to set up a local network to share playlists in iTunes? Answer Home Sharing. It’s easy to set up too! You’ll need two computers running iTunes and your iTunes login and password. Home Sharing has been around for a little while, but make sure you have the latest iTunes…

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How to Edit Bookmarks in Chrome

Question I am using Google’s Chrome browser. It works great, but I can’t seem to edit the bookmarks. The help tells me to the “Tools” menu, but I can’t find it. Answer Google was a bit tricky with their default installation, but the fix is easy. Go to your preferences for Chrome. Under the “Basics”…

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