How can I make a voice recording on my mac?

May 30, 2011 / Updated: May 30, 2011 / Lena Shore


I need to make a quick voice recording on my computer. Is there a built in way to do this? How can I make a voice recording on my mac?


Your easy answer is QuickTime Player. It comes installed on your computer.

  1. Launch the program
  2. Go to File –> New Audio Recording
  3. Click the red button when you are ready to record
  4. Your file will automatically save itself based on the preferences of your program. You can also do a “Save As” to save it somewhere else.

This will save your recording as a .mov file. If you need another file type, you can do a google search and find plenty of free shareware converters.

If you find your needs are more complex, take a look at Garage Band. It is very feature rich.

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