Merge iCal Calendars


June 13, 2011 / Updated: June 13, 2011 / Lena Shore
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Over the years and with syncing my iCal calendars I have too many different calendars. I would like to simplify them. For instance, right now I have:

  • Work
  • Home
  • Home Chores
  • Meetings

How would I merge Work and Meetings and Home and Home Chores? So I have only these:

  • Work
  • Home

I know I can do it per item, but that seems like a lot of work. Is there a better way?


Yep. There IS an easier way. Here is how you do it. Let’s pretend we want to merge the calendars “Home” and “Home Events” into the same calendar.

  1. Back up your iCal in case something goes awry. File –> Export –> iCal Archive
  2. Choose (highlight/select) the the “Home” calendar.
  3. Now export the “Home” calendar to your desktop. File –> Export.
  4. Now delete that the “Home” calendar from your iCal. iCal –> Edit –> Delete (or right click the “Home” calendar and choose “delete”)
  5. Add back “Home” from your desktop. iCal –> File –> Import and chose the Home.ics file from your desktop. Click on “Import”.
  6. The “Add events” window will appear. Choose the “Home Events” as your destination calendar.
  7. Repeat for each calendar you need to merge.