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Where can I find an online design course?


I have a quick question that I hope you can answer, or at least provide me some direction.  I would like to take an online course that could teach me some design basics.  Not necessarily software, but just tips like how to balance elements on a page, what size fonts to use in relation to each other on a page, how to use white space effectively, etc.  Do you know of any such online courses?


My first thought – which I don’t know if they have any specific design basic courses, is I LOVE You can learn any software from there and it’s only $25 a month. You can go to their website and search through the courses to see if  they have anything that interests you. But, I have used them and their video tutorials are excellent. A great resource to have even if it isn’t a good fit for design basics.
  • Here is a design basics course from
  • Check your local colleges for online courses
  • Youtube: Lots of people make videos on everything. I bet there are some great ones out there.
  • Check your local library: I was stunned at how many fantastic books were at our main library about software and design. I believe a lot of libraries are also distributing ebooks now.
If I just search for “basic design principles” in Google, I find some good results. Here are a few that popped out at me:
 I think if you explore some of these options you will be able to find what you want or at least get a better direction of where to go and what fits you the best.
Good luck!
My personal advice would be to glance at a few things online (About, Lynda, links I found, youtube) and that will give you a bit more focus on what you are looking for if that doesn’t do it for you. Above may be all you feel like you want/need.
Let me know if I can be any more help.
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