Adobe Illustrator — How to Add Type to a Path

January 4, 2010 / Updated: March 14, 2022 / Lena Shore
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I am trying to do something in Illustrator and I can’t figure out how to make it happen. I want to make letters go in a semi-circle, and the help menu says to select Type -> Type on a Path -> and the option I want. My problem is that “Type on a Path” is grayed out.


I decided to start putting more video tutorials online this year. This is my first one. You can tell by the audio sounding like I recorded in a garbage can — but I really didn’t. But, I have to start somewhere! When I get better, maybe I’ll redo the video.

The reason it is grayed out is because you haven’t created any type on a path yet. Once you create type on a path, you can select it and then go to “Type –> Type on a Path” to get more options. Here is a quick video on how to add type to a path in Adobe Illustrator.

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