How to Edit Bookmarks in Chrome

January 7, 2010 / Updated: January 7, 2010 / Lena Shore
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I am using Google’s Chrome browser. It works great, but I can’t seem to edit the bookmarks. The help tells me to the “Tools” menu, but I can’t find it.


Google was a bit tricky with their default installation, but the fix is easy.

  1. Go to your preferences for Chrome.
  2. Under the “Basics” tab, you will need to check the “Show Page and Tools menus”
  3. Go back to your browser window and you will see the icon for the toolbar on the right side of the URL/search area.

Edit the bookmarks!

To reorganize your bookmarks, just drag and drop them. To do more editing follow the instructions for you system below.


  1. Click the Tools menu.
  2. Select Bookmark manager.
  3. Select the bookmark or bookmark folder you’d like to edit.
  4. Click the Organize menu.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Make your changes.
  7. Click OK.


Right click any bookmark folder or bookmark to see options for adding folders, deleting, or changing the content of the bookmark. Eventually, I imagine there will be a bookmark manager for the Macintosh version when it is out of beta.