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Adobe Illustrator

Inside a Designers Mind – Logo Development

Aaron Draplin does a great job showing what it’s like to work on a logo design for a client. We all start out with rough thumbnails and lots of ideas. So, if you’ve ever wondered what is going on at your designers desk, this is a pretty good example. And, if you are a fellow…

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How do I sample colors from my computer screen?

Question I have a sample from a client that has this color they want to use on their website and their brochure. How can I figure out what color it is? And, how would I figure out the corresponding Pantone color? Answer There are several ways you can approach this. Since you are needing the…

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Faster Loading PDFs with InDesign

Question Is there a special way to save PDFs from Indesign so they load faster on the internet. My client has their pdf brochures online and it takes forever to load. Answer Yes there is! When you export your PDF from InDesign, make sure you choose the Adobe PDF Preset “Smallest File Size” and check the box…

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Adobe Illustrator — How to Add Type to a Path

Question I am trying to do something in Illustrator and I can’t figure out how to make it happen. I want to make letters go in a semi-circle, and the help menu says to select Type -> Type on a Path -> and the option I want. My problem is that “Type on a Path”…

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