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Web Hosting: Types and choosing the right one for you.

In the world of web hosting there are a lot of choices and it can be confusing to make a decision. You might wonder what the difference is between $10 a month hosting versus $150 a month hosting. There are three basic kinds of hosting the average person will care about: Shared Managed Private Server…

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How Does Safari’s Login Feature Work?

Safari passwords

Question Can you talk a bit about Safari offering to supply a username and password? I’ve wondered about that but know nothing about how it would work. Does Safari automatically remember it? Does my iPhone know them? Answer When you log into a website, Safari will ask you if you want to save your login…

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Lena’s Favorite Password Management Software: 1Password


I use a LOT of passwords. I have my passwords, my husband’s passwords, my client’s passwords — and probably passwords for my dog somewhere too. As of this writing, I have over 3200 passwords. And while I like to think I’m smart enough to remember them all, let’s get real. I’m not that brainy. But…

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Chrome and Safari are showing old pages!

Question I had some issues getting my new website to show up. When you went to my website it said it couldn’t find the server. It has since been fixed, but now my Chrome and Safari browsers are both saying they can’t find the server –  will this will clear up after a very short…

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How can I tell is someone's website is a CMS?

Question How can I tell if a site has a CMS (Content Managed Site) installed? I have a client that has a site and wants me to add a page to it. I have the login info, but I can’t tell if they use a CMS for changes. It doesn’t look like it is, but…

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Free Photoshop Alternative? Yep. It's called SumoPaint.

Sometimes people need a photo editing program with the major features of Photoshop, but for a small project that doesn’t really justify the expense. You could pay someone else who already has the software and equipment, but two or more of those, and you’ve spent just as much as you would have on buying your…

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Skip the trip to the bank: Send your checks electronically

Lots of banks have added a new service to send your checks to them electronically. This can save time and gas money. I suspect you can also lose a little weight by not driving by the fast food establishment before breakfast each time too. But, even if your bank doesn’t have a formal “Remote Check…

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Multiple Employees Working on a Single Excel File

Question What is the best way to allow multiple employees to access and alter a single Excel workbook? We have tried Dropbox in the past, but have had problems. Answer I would use Google Docs. You can work on shared Word documents and Excel documents online and it’s free! You start by uploading or creating…

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Do you have a mobile version of your website?

What does having a mobile version of your website mean? You may have heard talk about having a “mobile friendly” or “mobile version” website design. Mobile Friendly A mobile friendly website design means that your website looks good on a mobile device such as an iPhone, Blackberry, or iPad. You would also want to avoid…

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Google Plus: FAQs

1. What is Google Plus? Google+ (Google Plus) is a social networking and identity service run by Google Inc. (An identity service determines who you really are even if you later provide a different user name, in order that people who actually know you can get in touch with you.) 2. Why do I care?…

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