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Archive for November 2008

Free Faxing Without a Fax Machine

Did you know you can send and receive a fax for free through the internet? Sometimes you just want to test your fax line, or your fax is broken. Or maybe you are going paperless and want to be more green. Whatever your reason, there are some options.

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Cheap Things to Do When Business is Slow

With all businesses, there are slow times throughout the year. If you pay attention, you can predict when the slow time for your industry will be. If you have been in business for a while, you probably already know when those times are.

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Yes, you are a spammer! And, here's how to stop.

What is spam? There are lots of definitions of spam. It’s the electronic version of unwanted mail that shows up in our email boxes every day. It can be unsolicited mail. It can be bulk mail. It can be hiding a virus or someone seeking your personal bank information. It comes in all forms. 

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Spam Example: Phishing – Internal Revenue Service

Here is a good example of phishing with a nasty little piece of email I received today. These people are pretending to be the government. When you read their site link, you’ll notice the domain isn’t from the IRS. (The actual site is When you click on the URL, they have copied the real…

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What the heck is Twitter?

Updated September 2018 For 2019 Twitter statistics, this is a good resource. So many people are all a-twitter about Twitter. If you haven’t been sucked into it, you are probably wondering what it is and why you should care. Basically, twitter is micro-blogging. You have 280 characters to say what you want each entry. Rinse…

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