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Archive for February 2011

Common Business Mistakes to Avoid

I deal with a lot of people who are starting fresh in a brand new business, and I see some of the same business mistakes over and over. I myself am guilty of having committed all of these at one time or another, and this article is dedicated to keeping you free of my —…

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Can I get my Gmail to another account?

Question Is there a way to make my Mac Mail app collect my gmail? Answer Yes! You can have your Gmail forward to your Mac Mail account (or any other email account) OR you can set up a new account on your Mac mail program (or any other desktop email account, like Outlook Express) and…

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How can I change my Gmail address?

Question My husband set up a gmail account for me. It works great, but the problem is I don’t like the account name he chose as it includes my birthday. How can I change it? Answer The bad news is you can’t change your user name in gmail once you create it. The good news…

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How to send an Eblast

Create a New eblast Campaign If you already have an account with me and want a quick tutorial on how to send an eblast, this is the post for you. If you do not have an eblast account, but are curious how it works and how easy it is, this is a great video to…

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