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Archive for October 2010

Ask Lena: InDesign Ruler Tips

Question While using InDesign, how do I set the side rulers to increments of 13 points (the same as the text slug of 11pt 13 leading). I need to be able to use the rulers in all layouts as the basic body text size and leading is the same. Answer While in InDesign – If…

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What are correct resolution measurements for my iPad?

Question Can you help with the correct page size to use for the iPad in app InDesign > new document (Picas and Points or cms) I found the iPhone size using google, however having difficulty finding the size of the iPad. Answer 768 x 1024 pixels 768 x 1024 points 768 x 1024 pica 27.09…

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Drawing: Nocturnal

My art group’s theme this past week was “Nocturnal”. I’ve always loved the idea of what kinds of mysteries are lurking deep under the sea. I had also just finished watching Ponyo — a movie guaranteed to let your creativity wander around a bit unmolested. I think the Japanese must not have any fear or…

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Ask Lena: CMKY vs RGB

Question What is the difference between are RGB file and a CMYK file? I understand the latter is needed to print, but what exactly is it? Answer The difference between RGB and CMYK is the difference between playing with flashlights and finger painting. Light: If you were to play with three different colored flashlights (Red, Green,…

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