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Archive for February 2010

Loupe: A Color Picker for Your iPhone

Have you ever been out and about and seen a color or color combination you really loved? Did you think it would be great for your bedroom or design project? You can easily capture colors with this neat little program I happened upon today called “Loupe”. You can find it at And, bonus, it’s…

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What are iPhone Safari Databases?

Question Recently, I was poking around under my Safari Settings (Settings –> Safari) on my iPhone and came across an entry for databases. What are these? Answer iPhone Safari supports HTML 5’s client-side storage structure just as your desktop version of Safari (Safari –> Preferences –> Security –> Show Databases). It is useful for developing…

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Passwords: How do yours stack up?

How many passwords do you have? With so much business on the internet now from banking to social events, most of us have a lot of passwords. But, how good are your passwords? Are they secure? Or easy to guess? Or worse, do you have a single password for all of your accounts? Top 10…

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