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Archive for January 2011

Business Ideas for the New Year

It’s the new year and many of us are thinking about how to improve our businesses, generate more more of it, and how to serve our customers better. I’ve collected a few ideas. Not everything will be the right fit for you, but it might get you thinking in new directions for improvement. Website Update…

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Sync Outlook Contacts with iPhone

Question Did you ever get any info about how to get my MSOutlook contacts from my PC into my iPhone? Answer Synchronization of contacts between Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and your Apple iPhone or iPod touch requires Apple iTunes. You can configure which items are synchronized during a one-time set up process. After the initial…

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How Paypal Works: FAQs

Paypal is probably something you’ve heard of. You might even use it. But, this article is for the scores of people who ask me very frequently how it works and what exactly is it. I will try to outline and answer the most popular questions I get. I often recommend Paypal to customers that want…

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I want a new email address

Question I would like to change my e-mail address,  do you have a suggestion on how I do this? Answer The first thing you need to do is decide if you like your domain name or want to change it. Keeping Your Domain Name If your email is and you want to change it…

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Ask Lena: Flash Tips

Question I have to do this Flash banner and I know next to nothing about scripting. Can you give me some tips and tell me how to create a link to a Flash banner? Answer I have been where you are. I will give you some basic instructions on creating a banner link and throw…

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