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Archive for May 2010

Copy an image from a Web page into a Word doc?

Question How can I copy an image from a Web page to paste it into a Word doc on my Macintosh? When I do it using the Control-Option-Click and select Copy Image, then go to Word and select Paste, it pastes the address of the image, not the image itself. Answer I right click the…

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How do I run a Clean Install with Snow Leopard?

Question How do I do a Clean Install with Snow Leopard? I’m having a lot of computer problems and need to reinstall my system. Answer Macintosh system installs before Snow Leopard had three different ways to install your system. Clean install (wipe your entire hard drive) Normal (update your currrent System Folder) Archive and Install…

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Recommendations for Teaching Yourself Web Design

Question I’ve been planning on talking to an IT counselor at my local college about taking a class or two, or three… in web design. I don’t want to take the wrong classes and in the wrong order, but quite a lot can be learned for free via web. Much of what I know now…

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Every Time Zone: Time Zones, Math Free!

Ever been at work and needed to make a phone call to the other side of the continent or overseas? You know it’s 10:00 a.m., but what time is it there? The fingers and the math comes out. No more! Look at this brilliant little website I found! It’s called Every Time Zone. When you…

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