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Archive for April 2010

The future of magazines: Sports Illustrated

Here is this great demo of a Sports Illustrated magazine. With the popularity of reading media on computers and mobile devices like the iPad, you can see what the near future might look like. Already many of my magazines offer versions that are digital and full of search capabilities.

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Duplicate fonts in Snow Leopard?

Question Have you upgraded to Snow Leopard? I only upgraded a couple of days ago, but have run into a slightly irritating font issue. If you have, then maybe you can answer me this: Ever since I upgraded I now have a bunch of “duplicate” fonts showing in Font Book along with a few that…

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Quick DIY Search Engine Optimization

So, you have a website. You are wondering how it’s working? After all, you don’t know a thing about programming and you did have the site done a few years ago. Is it outdated? Did your designer do anything thing with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? The more money you throw at SEO, the better…

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