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Archive for November 2011

File Naming: Why Can't Anyone Open My File?

Question Can you tell me why people can’t open this PDF ad file you sent me? Can I fix it? Answer Because the file got renamed with periods in it and doesn’t have the .pdf after it any more. The extra periods make the computer think it is an extension it doesn’t recognize and the…

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Having Problems Syncing iCloud Bookmarks Across Devices?

iCloud is mostly fantastic. For the most part, it syncs everything effortlessly. However, if you upgraded your iPhone, iPad, or other device in such a way that it deviated slightly from the approved path, you may find yourself with a bookmark mess. You fix them, you delete them, you sync them. They work! And suddenly…

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Old Indesign File Won't Package Without Missing Plugins

Question I’m trying to package a file in Indesign, and get this message: “This document cannot be installed due to missing plugins. Please install or activate these plugins.” I don’t have the plugin asked for.  The original file is really old and I don’t have a way to get those plugins. What can I do? Answer…

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Fun with iPhone 4s and Siri

The iPhone 4s came out a couple of weeks ago. One of the best things it has to offer is Siri, an intelligent voice attendant. You can ask it to do all kinds of  things from having it set appointments for you, asking about the weather, or googling something for you. But, a great past…

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