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Archive for May 2011

How can I make a voice recording on my mac?

Question I need to make a quick voice recording on my computer. Is there a built in way to do this? How can I make a voice recording on my mac? Answer Your easy answer is QuickTime Player. It comes installed on your computer. Launch the program Go to File –> New Audio Recording Click…

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Gmail is saving multiple drafts. How to stop it.

Question Why does my Mail program save a draft of every email I begin to write and in some cases save several drafts as I write the email? Answer Disable storing drafts on the server by going to the’s Account Preferences –> [choose the account you are working with] –> Mailbox Behaviors. Gmail will…

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InDesign Style Syncing

Question Hi Lena, I need help with paragraph styles in InDesign. I know how to create them, but not how to use them in multiple documents. I’d like to have related documents sync their styles, but I’d also like to know how to import some styles from one document to another. Answer Import InDesign Styles To…

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How do I sample colors from my computer screen?

Question I have a sample from a client that has this color they want to use on their website and their brochure. How can I figure out what color it is? And, how would I figure out the corresponding Pantone color? Answer There are several ways you can approach this. Since you are needing the…

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