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Archive for April 2011

A List of 9 Website Mistakes

Very few of us have the time to spend worrying about yet another demand on our hours and resources… playing around with the website. You were told you needed one, so you got one with your business name and phone number and email like an electronic business card… and forgot about it. But unlike a…

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Twitter Scam: Be impressed. Be aware.

I hate spammer and scammers. But sometimes I’m actually impressed with their ingenuity… and I imagine the clever ones must be doing quite well for themselves. I think it is a good idea to examine the ever-changing tactics of these digital hucksters occasionally, so we can be aware of what is out there and don’t…

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My iPhone Won't Sync!

Question Whenever I try to sync my iPhone I get this error “The iPhone cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (13019). How do I fix this? Answer There are several things you can try to fix this. They range from “easy and might work” to “more work but should fix your problem”. USB Make…

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