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Archive for January 2009

What is a PDF? Do I need Adobe? Why isn't it free?

Question I used to have Adobe (for free) until my computer crashed and burned a few weeks ago.  I keep running into things that say they can only run on Adobe so I went to download it again but now I find that they charge for it.  Do I really need Adobe to run those different things or…

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How can I open an EPS file?

An EPS file (Encapsulated Postscript) is a file format usually reserved for industry standards graphics. To open and edit an EPS, you need a program like Adobe Illustrator. If you don’t need to edit it and don’t care about destroying the format, you can also open it in Photoshop and other raster based graphic programs.…

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My email won't connect to the server to get email!

This short How-To covers this and other similar dreaded messages: “Cannot send message using xxx server” This problem happens frequently and it’s usually due to your primary ISP (Bellsouth, Comcast, etc.). What happens is that your email is ultimately controlled by your primary ISP even if you have your own domain name you are using. Usually the…

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