Why I’m Increasing My Full Website Development Prices

Picture of a computer, paper, pencils, notes about web design

NOTE: if you are looking for the Accessibility article, you can find it here. I made a mistake in my newsletter with the link. It’s 2022 (where does the time go!), and with the new year often comes an increase in price. The problem is, you don’t know the price increase is coming. Businesses will…

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Everything You Need to Know About My Graphic Design Services

Desktop with laptop computer, coffee, and notepad

You may have noticed I offer graphic design services to help businesses make a good first impression with their existing and potential clients. However, I understand that graphic design is an investment of your time and money, and I also understand that there are other similar products or services out there too.  So, I created…

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6 Common Bloopers Businesses Make When Hiring a Web Designer 

Illustrated drawings of computer, laptop, and mobile device.

If you’re looking to build a new website then you’re in the right place.  I love helping businesses build a great website so they can attract more customers and relieve some of the tedium that comes with running your own business. Before you jump right into building your own website, here are some of the…

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I’m a Wizard, Harry!

I was recently bestowed the honor of being the Wizard of the Week at GravityWiz. GravityWiz makes a set of tools called “Gravity Perks” to extend the power of GravityForm (a fantastic form builder). It does all KINDS of neat building block things. I have been a licensed user for both products for years now.…

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Box.com can bite me

How do you turn off box.com on startup? I have the answer. I have customers that use box (a shared file service). We don’t use it much and I noticed that it was auto-launching on my Mac. I went to the preferences to tell the app not to launch upon start up. There was no…

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How to point your domain name to a new site

I have a domain name that I need to point to an existing site. How do I do this? You will need access to the following: The IP address of the server of the target site Access to the DNS records of the domain name you wish to point Tell your host what domain name…

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How to get a nice email signature

Question How do I get a nice email signature like this? Answer To get a nice email signature with your logo (like below) and information you have some choices. I wrote a tutorial on how to create a HTML signature. It even has a downloadable HTML file you can start with. This works on Mac…

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Change your DNS Settings (Mac)

Stop sending me to DNS Error Assist! We have ATT. Whenever you type in something in the browser’s search bar that isn’t quite right, it sends you to dnserrorassist.att.net (DNS Error Assist). What I really want is for it to use Google. It’s an easy fix. You can change your DNS settings under System Preferences…

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Mrs. Bzzz Pest and Termite Solutions


I recently had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Bzzz Pest and Termite Solutions to create some new branding. Mrs. Bzzz came to me with an initial request for creating some eye-catching truck wraps for their vehicles. When a client’s company name has a sense of humor you know it has the potential to be an…

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My Favorite Bookkeeping Program: Zoho Books

Zoho Logo, each letter in a different colored block.

I often get asked about what bookkeeping program I use. Probably because I have decorated my invoices with Chameleons. (Hire me and you can get a fun invoice too!) I use Zoho Books. And, no, I am not on any kind of affiliate program to say this.* Here are some of the reasons I really…

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