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How to Stop Spam Commenting on Your WordPress Site

Comment Spam

Question Is there a way to block or stop the comment attack happening on my Wodrpress website? I’ve received 5 fake comments so far.  Betsy, Mildred, Flora, Marilee, and now Ice have all left fake comments on my site as of this morning … starting at 7:19 this morning.  I went in and marked the…

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Protect your WordPress Site from Getting Hacked

It happens all the time. Websites get hacked. Especially websites that use common software packages. Hackers want the most bang for their buck, and under-maintenanced WordPress sites are a great target because so many people utilize them. How Hackers Do it Most hackers use a script that crawls your server looking for “holes” they can…

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Keep WordPress Emails from Going into Gmail Spam

Question: All of our web forms are going to spam so we have to check spam all the time. Is there a way to fix this in Word Press or a Gmail issue? We switched to Google Apps. Answer: There are a few things you can do. I suggest you do all of them. Make…

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Add a vCard to Your WordPress Site

Adding a vCard to your WordPress site may seem like an easy task. Unfortunately, when you try to add it as media, it is all too easy to get an error similar to: “Error saving media attachment.” This is typically because WordPress doesn’t support that file type by default. “But WHY?” you might scream. “It’s…

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WordPress: Update PDFs without losing links

Question I have uploaded a couple of pdf files to my WordPress website according to the directions you have provided on this site. My question is, how can I update my pdf’s without having to go through all those steps? Is there a way that I can upload my new pdf’s to overwrite the old…

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Here is how you change the upload file size in WordPress

There you are cruising along writing your new blog article and you need to upload a file. Suddenly you get an error that your file size is over the 2MB limit. Most of the time 2MB is plenty. And, limiting your website upload limits is good practice in case you get hit by a hacker.…

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Do you have a mobile version of your website?

What does having a mobile version of your website mean? You may have heard talk about having a “mobile friendly” or “mobile version” website design. Mobile Friendly A mobile friendly website design means that your website looks good on a mobile device such as an iPhone, Blackberry, or iPad. You would also want to avoid…

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How do I make an email an active link in WordPress?

Question Hi Lena, Happy New Year. I hope you are well. A quick question in relation to our Wordpress website. I put some email addresses on the first page when you open the site, and they are not linked.  You can see the old ones are.  In other words, when you click on them, nothing happens.  What to do?…

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