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Archive for December 2008

How to Delete Mail from the Server

Are you using Outlook and have ceased to receive email due to your mailbox being full? It could be that your Outlook Express settings are not deleting mail from the server automatically. Here is how to check and fix it. NOTE: These instructions will only delete mail from the server that you have already downloaded to…

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Getting Email on Your iPhone Using Your Domain

NOTE: This article was written while thinking about the iPhone – but it should also work for your iPod Touch. Just work someplace where you have a good WiFi connection. Additionally, since I wasn’t actually looking at an iPod Touch when I wrote it there may be some menu differences I didn’t consider. If you…

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What do I use for spam prevention?

Question I was curious about what you use for your spam filters – mine is getting out of control with the viagra offers! Answer I use two types of spam filters. First, I use SpamAssassin on my servers. So, anyone that I’m hosting (including myself!) that gets email through it has that installed on their…

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