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My Favorite Bookkeeping Program: Zoho Books

I often get asked about what bookkeeping program I use. Probably because I have decorated my invoices with Chameleons. (Hire me and you can get a fun invoice too!) I use Zoho Books. And, no, I am not on any kind of affiliate program to say this.* Here are some of the reasons I really…

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Web Hosting: Types and choosing the right one for you.

In the world of web hosting there are a lot of choices and it can be confusing to make a decision. You might wonder what the difference is between $10 a month hosting versus $150 a month hosting. There are three basic kinds of hosting the average person will care about: Shared Managed Private Server…

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How Do I Make My Website More Popular?

How do I make my website really popular? I get this question a lot. There’s not a easy answer. Or at least not a quick answer. There’s lots and lots of ways to help your website gain visibility on the Internet. Some of those things will cost you money, some those things will cost you…

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Ideas to Make Your Website Work Harder for You

“What can I do to make my Web site better?” I get this question a lot. In many cases, the short answer is “plenty”. Here is a checklist of items I use to help clients determine what items would be helpful to them to improve their website. (We’ll call the following, “the long answer”.) Content…

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Common Business Mistakes to Avoid

I deal with a lot of people who are starting fresh in a brand new business, and I see some of the same business mistakes over and over. I myself am guilty of having committed all of these at one time or another, and this article is dedicated to keeping you free of my —…

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How Paypal Works: FAQs

Paypal is probably something you’ve heard of. You might even use it. But, this article is for the scores of people who ask me very frequently how it works and what exactly is it. I will try to outline and answer the most popular questions I get. I often recommend Paypal to customers that want…

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