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Archive for October 2011

Where did my iPhone emoticons go?

Question I had this program installed on my iPhone called emoji. It allowed me to have these cool emoticons for texting. Now that I’ve upgraded to iOS 5, they are gone and a microphone icon is in its place. I like the mic, but, how do I install emoji again? Answer Good news. With the…

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What is the difference between Fetch and Push?

Question I am now syncing my phone and computers so that my calendars, emails will all have the same information. But, when I go to my settings I see options for “Fetch” and “Push”. What is the difference? Which one do I want to use? Answer Fetch and Push are items that tell your devices…

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Broken Email Flow Chart

I get a decent amount of questions that all refer to people’s email not working. While there are a million things that can go wrong with your email, this covers the bulk of them. NOTE: If you are getting an “invalid email” error online, this article might help. If you still are having problems after reading…

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