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Archive for April 2013

Chrome and Safari are showing old pages!

Question I had some issues getting my new website to show up. When you went to my website it said it couldn’t find the server. It has since been fixed, but now my Chrome and Safari browsers are both saying they can’t find the server –  will this will clear up after a very short…

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Need a flip book? Use InDesign!

You’ve seen digital flip books. You see them online. You can click the pages and they do this neat page curl and you can make your mouse “flip” the pages. Traditionally (which is funny, since tradition doesn’t go back THAT far in our digital world), these created with Flash. Later we have learned to do …

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Marketing is Marketing is Marketing

Let’s reveal a marketing “guru” magic trick, shall we? This is something the “experts” don’t want you to know. Because they are making a handsome profit with this lie, and judging by some of the phone calls I get, a lot of you out there believe this bunk. But before I pull back the curtain…

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A better way to have browser specific CSS

If you are developing websites you know that not everything works across all browsers. You also know you have to make special allowances for some browsers (*cough* IE *cough*). Before you may have had special external style sheets that directed those special CSS rules for specific browsers. Something like this: <!– [if IE 7]>  <link…

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How to move all the layers in a Flash animation at one time

Question I have a Flash animation that has a bunch of layers. I need to move a big section of all the layers. Is there a way to do this all at once? Highlighting doesn’t seem work. Am I stuck moving every layer individually? Answer The answer is “yes, can move multiple layers”. It’s not…

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How to create an email auto-responder with gmail

Question Lena – I need to know how set an auto-responder on my computer. Answer Easy! Login with your email credentials on your Gmail account. Look for the settings gear in the upper right and click to show the drop down and click “settings” Scroll down to the “Vacation Responder” section and turn it on.…

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