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Archive for December 2010

Ask Lena: How do I lock the rotation on my iPad/iPhone?

Question After I upgraded to the new OS the button that locks the gyro orientation now clicks mute on and off and the lock button no longer stops the automatic rotation. Have you experienced this? Answer After the latest iOS4.x for the iPhone and iPad the ability to lock your screen seems to be missing.…

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Ask Lena: WordPress screen size and page linking

Question Hey Lena – Can you tell me if there is a way to widen the screen that I type the text into for my WordPress Web? Answer You can edit in full page edit mode. There is a button (while you are editing a post) on the far right of the tool bar. Mouse and…

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Ask Lena: Junk Mail on my Mac?

Question A question – is there a way to set up Mail so that the stuff marked as junk go somewhere other than the main mailbox? With Entourage the junk went directly into the Junk folder but on my mail it shows up – albeit a different color and says this is junk- but I’d…

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Part 2: Electronic Newsletters — Why you should consider using them

This is a continuation from the previous article about Newsletters. Read Part 1: Electronic Newsletters. What advantages are there in sending an electronic newsletter? Keeping in Touch Newsletters (electronic or mailed) are to keep in touch with your clients or past customers. Even if they aren’t ready to buy today, they may be ready to…

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