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Archive for July 2011

Tips I Learned From My Clients This Month

I love learning new things. I enjoy understanding other people’s workflows to see if there is something I can use for my own purposes. Here are a few things I learned this month from my clients that might help you. Keywords from PDFs This tip came from Linda Harvey (Linda Harvey Group). Did you know…

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How do I block people that aren't my friends on Facebook?

Question When I comment on a facebook friend’s post I can see their friends’ comments even if they are not one of mine. Normally, this doesn’t bother me. But… there is a particular person I find offensive. Is there a way to hide or block their posts so I can’t see them? Answer Friends Most…

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I Thought Macintosh Computers Don’t Get Viruses?

No. Macintosh computers don’t get viruses. A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself to infect a computer without any action required by the computer user. By this definition, there are no viruses on Macintoshes. But, that isn’t really the information you want. The word “Virus” has become commonly used to describe…

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