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Archive for August 2010

What can I do with my old iPhone?

Question I just  bought a new iPhone 4. Do you have any advice on what I can do with my old 2nd generation iPhone? Answer You have several options available to you for that old iPhone sitting on your desk. Read on and see what is the best solution for you! Give it away You…

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Essay: Ten Things I Have Learned by Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser (born June 26, 1929 in New York City) is a graphic designer, best known for the I Love New York logo, his “Bob Dylan” poster, the “DC bullet” logo used by DC Comicsfrom 1977 to 2005, and the “Brooklyn Brewery” logo. He also founded New York Magazinewith Clay Felker in 1968. Part of AIGA Talk in London, November 22, 2001 Now on Milton Glaser’s…

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Ask Lena: Black background & Reflex Blue

Hi Lena, I need this logo with the black background removed. I’m trying to place it in a document with a black background but I can still see the outline of the black box. Is there a quick fix? Secondly, do you know what it means when a newspaper says that a spot color is reflex blue. They…

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How to Print Texts from an iPhone

Question Is there a way to print texts from an iPhone? Answer Yes! There are several ways to do this ranging from free to spending a little cash. Screen shot – Free You can take a screenshot of your iPhone screen by pressing the “home” button and the “power” button simultaneously. It will put your…

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Logo Trivia

I had a friend pass this along to me recently and I thought it was very interesting. We spend so much time seeing well known logos, but don’t actually “see” them. Tostitos If you look in the middle of this Tostitos logo, you can see that the “Ts” make two peoople enjoying a bowl of…

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