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Archive for August 2012

What graphic formats should I use for web and print?

Question I have an image I want to print on a brochure and put on a website. What is the best file type for each? Answer Printing — For any print job, the best file format is EPS. The next best would be a high resolution tiff — 300 dpi at the actual size it…

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Cute Girl Art: Illustration

I got a new client recently. They were searching the internet and found my existing illustrations I had done for Girl Scouts and wanted something similar. I sketched it first, then refined. Then I digitally inked her in Illustrator and colored her in Photoshop. This way all her lines are vector – so if the…

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Tame the E-mail Treadmill!

I bet your email inbox is full all the time. I bet you have a sense of relief when it’s empty and dread checking it because you are just going to get flooded with more. I bet you wish you had less email. I process on average 100 emails a day – which is probably…

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